My Amazon Experience

I used to sell books on Amazon. I remember when business was booming. I made tons of cash and could not believe how easy it was.

I sold all kinds of books but mainly textbooks were the most profitable. Business got so good that I quit my day job and went into the book business full time. Amazon was my resource and it was how I provided for my family. After going into it full time there was not a month that I would make less than $4,000 and my garage? Well it was filled with books. I love reading, I love stories and I love learning so I read a lot of the fun books that came my way making it easier to sell them online through Amazon.

My wife, Carole, would joke that I was a real life “book worm”! I lived up to that title and we were happy my wife, my daughter and I were able to survive this economy and do well. The success was great and it got me through rough patches in time. That is when for whatever silly, miscellaneous reasons my account was banned.

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That is when things changed for the worse. At first it was not so bad, I still had left over funds and I continued to petition with Amazon to get my account back. I tried to sell a bit on Ebay but it did me no good. I was only pulling in $100 – $200 there. Nothing worked better than selling on Amazon. I had some savings and began using those, going around trying to find other ways to sell my books. Soon my garage was overfilled with incoming orders from prior to Amazon banning me and I had little to no income.

The savings was quickly running out and Carole and I were fighting every single day about financial issues. I guess she was used to a different lifestyle than what I could offer now. It only took six months before the savings ran out and when they did, that is when my life changed. I guess my wife was stressed. She filed for divorce and custody of our daughter. Now, I love my daughter and I was not about to give up my rights as a parent, so I hired a top notch lawyer.

The lawyer saved me from giving up parental rights but, I continued to have financial problems. My garage was filled with books and I had no money – boy did I resent Amazon for banning my account. So, I am a survivor. I went out and got a job at Kmart. It wasn’t the income I was used to but at least I could survive and see my daughter. I moved out of the house and the divorce proceeded.

My wife or soon to be ex-wife was delusional about how much I was worth. If only she took the time to observe the garage and see, I was worth thousands in useless books; that I could not sell. I do not know what to do with myself. Life is miserable, to tell the truth for once. I hardly really see my daughter and I am just scraping by. I lost everything that was important to me, except my daughter and that has got to be my saving grace. I got a studio apartment in a shady side of town, somewhere I would never bring my daughter. That was rock bottom. Heck in a way it still is. This is my life now, a simple Kmart store clerk who used to be the biggest bookworm you could have imagined. Today, I count my blessings.

I am thankful for my daughter, that I am a survivor and that I can ‘make lemonade out of lemons’ but, I must say it all has not been easy. I tell my story to you to tell you that no matter how difficult things may appear if you work hard to survive you can. It is never easy. Nothing worth it ever is but my daughter is the light of my life and she is the one thing I am thankful for. So this holiday season do not be sad about what once was, or could have been.

Think in the moment and in the now and thank your blessing for the guy who sleeps outside my apartment on the stone floor in the rain is a whole lot worse off than I am.