Top FIVE Reasons Why Amazon Banns Sellers

Amazon is an online shopping site that has a diverse market across the world.


Here are the top FIVE reasons that can make get banned from selling on the Amazon platform.

First and foremost, it is a case whereby sellers buy fake feedbacks or leave negative feedback. 

As a result, Amazon decided to undertake the responsibility of handling responses to customers on behalf of the seller. This is because, sellers tend to strike back and give negative feedbacks for other buyers. If the customer is not happy with a given product, he/she can give a negative feedback, after all, there is freedom of choice!, therefore Amazon decided to ban sellers who in return give negative feedback to the buyer. For this reason, it manages and provides feedbacks to sellers on behalf of customers.

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There is also selling goods of low quality, which is not encouraged.

If the seller will be realized that he/she is selling goods that are not authentic to customers, he/she will be prevented from Amazon because the main objective of Amazon is to give standard services to its customers and enhance a good relationship between the buyers and sellers. Selling of phony goods is against the standards of Amazon.

Nevertheless, sellers can be deterred due to occurrence of chargebacks, which are forced turnaround of either transaction fee or even the commodities. In the case whereby the seller sells fake goods to a customer, there are reversal rights that are outlined for the buyer hence the seller will be compelled to refund the money used. In this regard, chargebacks is the money that a seller is forced to return to the customer whose money was used. For this reason, Amazon will not keep up with too many charge backs from the sellers hence will ban them from transacting any business on Amazon.

Other sellers use customer reviews or responses in online shopping sites. These responses help sellers be able to market and promote their sells and commodities online. For reasons of rivalry, some sellers can give a depressing review on other businesses for the purpose of competition. However, it’s very hard to know whether the customer has used the product or not. In this regard, Amazon can try their level best to know whether the product is fake or not. If the review that is given by the buyer of a particular commodity sold by the given seller is fake the seller will be banned from Amazon.

Finally, a state or government of any country can prohibit selling of certain commodities in the country for many reasons such as health issues and much more. For instance, a state can prohibit selling a particular commodity if it affects for example the health of its users in any way. But there are those who will go against this rule and decide to sell their commodities while knowing that it is illegal.

This is against the standards of Amazon and therefore Amazon will ban any seller who will try to sell these prohibited goods through their site right away.


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