Top 3 Reasons Amazon Disables Seller Accounts

When it comes to selling, Amazon continues to raise the bar every day. They get more and more strict with sellers and intolerant of the ones who do not perform well.


It is fairly easy to become a top rated seller on Amazon as long as you are honest and reliable. However, it can be very devastating for you to go to bed after getting all your listings right and then you wake up the next morning to discover that your trading privileges have been suspended.

Revenue grinds to a halt instantly and funds may be frozen. This is a problem that happens to most of the Amazon sellers. It is, therefore, advisable to familiarize yourself with all their selling guidelines and learn some of the reasons for being suspended on Amazon to avoid going through the same headache. Read more for the most common reasons for having an Amazon account suspended, banned.

  1. Suspension due to non-payment of fees. Non-payment of Amazon fees – Your account can be suspended if you did not pay your seller fees. However, you can pay a one-time payment in order to bring your account up to date.
  1. Not reimbursing Amazon for a refund they made to your buyer – Your account can also be suspended when Amazon refunded a buyer directly but you failed to reimburse them. To prevent this, you need to set up a reimbursement payment method.
  1. Your payment method is out of date – Amazon sometimes suspends accounts for non-payment when they find out that the payment method on file is out of date or was recently declined. You need to update your account to prevent this.


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Suspension due to a serious violation to one of Amazon rules and policies. There are very many violations that can get your account suspended on Amazon. Some of these violations include:

  • Listing violations – Duplicate listings can get you suspended. This happens when the seller posts more that ten listings for identical items. To prevent this, you can list the same items through a multiple item listing, a fixed price format or an Amazon’s storefront. When you duplicate these violations too often, it will get you temporarily suspended and eventually a permanent suspension.
  • Negative feedback – Though this is not automatic, it normally gets many users suspended. It usually needs an extra push from a dissatisfied buyer in the form of a complaint.
  • Multiple accounts – Amazon also suspends multiple accounts that share the same email address. Amazon may choose to suspend only one or even all of them.
  • Prohibited and restricted items – This is another major reason that normally gets many Amazon users suspended. Amazon users are required to sell items that are legal according to all applicable jurisdictions.
  • Non-performing seller – When you misrepresent an item either by failing to deliver an item you have received payment for or not meeting the terms and item description, you become suspended. Apart from being a violation of Amazon policies, it is also considered a criminal fraud.
  • Stealing photos from other Amazon users – Doing this is a violation of Amazon rules. Apart from getting your account suspended temporarily or even banned forever, you can also be sued in court for copyright infringement.


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