How To Get Back On Amazon?

Everything in my life was going really well until one morning when I found a brief e-mail in my mailbox from Amazon stating that my account has been restricted indefinitely, meaning that I had received an Amazon suspension for good. 

Well, this probably wouldn’t be a big problem if you’re just using Amazon to buy things but the thing with me is that I was an Amazon seller. And since things were going really well with my Amazon business then over the years I had made it my full time job and was really satisfied with it. I was earning more than I had ever earned working for a big corporation and I could manage my time much better. My wife was also pleased with my new way of life and income and we decided to have a second baby. But when my wife got pregnant then it turned out that we’re expecting twins. Back then of course it was a real joy. My family’s life seemed to be secured for life. We bought a new and bigger house with a bank loan, opened up college funds for all of our three children while me and my wife both were enjoying the stay-at-home lifestyle. We were also traveling whenever and wherever we wanted to.

Did Amazon suspend your account?
Amazon insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account reinstated - and how you can easily and safely open a new Amazon account.

If only I had known back then that Amazon suspension is something that could just happen overnight and without a warning. I don’t even know for sure what caused the ban. Of course after receiving the mail I contacted Amazon immediately but didn’t receive an answer from them until 2 weeks later when they said that I had received the Amazon suspension because my performance did not meet the standards required to sell on Amazon. Whatever that means I don’t know since I had been selling the same items for years already and never had had any problems.

Actually shortly before they suspended me I had been able to double my sales. I’ve been thinking that perhaps that was the reason why my account was terminated, maybe my volume of sales became too high for just one seller. The other reason why I maybe got suspended from Amazon that I can think of are some bad reviews I received from some customers. The thing was that the item I sent got damaged while it was on the way to the buyer so it wasn’t exactly my fault but the buyer still went on and left the negative statement on my profile even though I offered her a refund and also a replacement of the goods.

So anyway, now my family has to deal with living without any persistent income, while we still have mortgage to pay on our house. Our savings will only help us for a short period and those savings also include our children’s college funds. If neither me or my wife can find a job in the near future then we’ll be doomed and finding a job after staying home for years is really hard.

So thanks to the Amazon suspension we are now really struggling financially and also our lifestyle is nothing like it used to be anymore.