Suspended on Amazon – How To Appeal

While Amazon is a fantastic platform for both offline AND online sellers, they also possess very strict and unflinching guidelines that need to be followed.


Nevertheless, the opportunities that Amazon provides its retailers is something that all successful Amazon sellers understand well. Just like almost every other big name advertising service, Amazon does not cower from openly suspending and banning multiple accounts, usually from relying on many automatic triggers in their sellers’ content.

At this moment in time, many people can sympathies with me on this and have too been suspended on a regular basis by Amazon’s teams (which are essentially robots). You will NOT find any sympathy, compromise, or understanding from these certain individuals, but good luck if you try! After communicating back and forth and not letting it go, the responses I received were very brutal and cold.

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Again, we all know that after an advertisement account is banned, this puts pressure on your business and then starts suffocating it slowly, as you watch your potential empire crumble into nothing. There is hope though, and if you follow these secret steps they don’t want you to know about, you can have your products back up on the marketplace. here may not be a magic solution to your account problem but there are things you can do to get back in good favour with the all powerful Amazon!

Find Out The Reason You Were Suspended

You will always be informed of why your account has been banned by Amazon, but what you’ll hardly ever understand is how exactly you violated their terms and conditions. Why not take a look at Seller Central to look up some of your rights? Maybe go through the contract again as it may be a fault on THEIR end. Amazon can suspend or ban accounts for any reason they choose, but here is a list of the main reasons the Specialist Superteam suspends retailer’s accounts:

  • Inadequate performance from the seller
  • Scoring low on customer feedback
  • Canceling too many orders
  • Inadequate shipping or delivery deadlines
  • Not hitting Amazon’s targets as previously described
  • Order defect rate: < 1%
  • Pre-fulfilment cancel rate: < 2.5%
  • Late shipment rate: < 4%
  • Violating their policy

If you are going to accept the terms and conditions of Amazon’s platform then be smart about the situation and actually read it. You don’t know when the information in there will come back to save your butt. Always audit your products so that you can say with complete certainty that nothing violates their terms and conditions. If your agreement stays intact, then so should your account. Remember to get comfortable with a number of Amazon policies and agreements too, not just yours, so that you may compare and defend in the case of a potential problematic future situation. Following news and updates regarding Amazon never hurt either…

You’ll find this is a great method because if you’ve learned all of Amazon’s requirements and deal breakers then you can avoid doing them in the future. This keeps your account in good standing and will constantly provide you with a sense of ease. DO NOT sell ANY restricted products as they are restricted for a reason. You’re just asking to be banned aren’t you? Amazon has standards and will not succumb to the breaking of these strict requirements. If you look in the agreement, you will find this below statement, proving how serious they are:

“Amazon encourages you to report listings that violate Amazon’s policies or applicable law by using our Contact Us form (select “Report a violation of our rules” and include all relevant information).“

We all know that Amazon, like other big company advertisement accounts, can get trigger happy when it comes to banning accounts and marking restricted products without even making an educated decision. We’ve all seen this incorrectly and unjustly done for a lot of health products, even though they are safer than a lot of other products on there. In situations like this however, it is very important to keep your cool and contact Amazon support directly and timely to resolve the issue. They actually have some people that will help fix the problem.


Get an Appeal for Your Suspension

Now UNLIKE most other online advertisement agencies, Amazon actually follows through and provides the seller options to appeal their suspensions (the way it should be). You can do this by visiting Amazon Seller Central:

(Seller Central>Performance> Performance Notifications> Location Suspension Notice> Appeal.

Remember to outline the entire appeal before you attempt o get in touch with anyone from Amazon support. In the back and forth you will ultimately come to an option where you can take part in a ‘Recovery Plan’. This plan outlines how you will address and resolve the issue that was raised (why your account was suspended in the first place), and requires some thought. If you need some help, visit some examples of previous Amazon action plans as they provide examples on preventing repeat issues, and what actions to take. Don’t forget to put in some positive points of why they should keep you on their platform, everyone loves to make money. If the bigwigs over at Amazon’s Specialist Superteam are satisfied you should receive a reply and your account should be moving forward. If not, just wait for a reply…

Secret Step to Know

After you have gone through the tedious process of having to appeal the suspension of your account, you can also do ANOTHER tedious process (but trust me it helps). You will need to send an email of your formal action plan to Amazon’s Transaction Risk Management Team (TRMS) at:

[email protected]

On top of appealing to the suspension within Seller Central, the seller can email a formal plan of action to [email protected] which appeals to Amazon’s TRMS (Transaction Risk Management Team).

You should include:

A formal letter head

Mention of any solutions currently in progress or if you are working with an organisation to achieve this

Declare the original violation

Be professional and formal

Now while this can increase the chances that your account is reinstated, this is not a guarantee that it will work. It just works better than not trying at all, so what have you got to lose?


2 thoughts on “Suspended on Amazon – How To Appeal

  1. I am livid, not so much that they suspended my account but they have such little respect for me as a seller that they have done it with no warning and now I can’t even contact them to discuss it with someone like a reasonable human being. have been a top seller on Amazon for many many years, I’ve worked my butt off for them. One violation that was a software error has had them suspend my account. I am a single mother relying on that income. They are a completely unethical company in more ways than one.

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