Steps To Follow After Your Account Has Been Suspended From Amazon

If you want to sale anything on Internet then you may come to Amazon or any other site which brings profit to your products. Thousands of users are fully dependent upon Amazon site and earning good amount to survive and run their family.


There are different categories of products you can sale on internet. Like some people sale used products and some sale new products. There are thousands of transactions running in every minute on this site.

Most of people think that they can sale anything they like but it is not the case now. Amazon becomes strict now. The products, which are most popular and have high copyrights cannot be sale out by new users on Amazon but other products can be sale. Some people do import and export business like art and crafts on Internet and they use Amazon.

Did Amazon suspend your account?
Amazon insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account reinstated - and how you can easily and safely open a new Amazon account.

If your account get suspended/banned from Amazon then you can follow these easy steps:

  • Don’t create new account with your domain like [email protected] It is better to use gmail, Hotmail or yahoo account.
  • First of all delete cookies of Amazon site because this site saves your email, password and other information into browser. If you try to create new account then it will link your new account with old account with the help of cookies.
  •  Amazon before suspending account saves all the information of the user in their system like ip address, email. So you can change your ip address also before create new account. You can do so by turn off your modem and start again. You can also use vpn for this purpose.
  • Also don’t attach old payment account with the new Amazon seller account, for doing this your new account also get banned. So go to your paypal site and add secondary email account and confirm by email. Then add that email address to Amazon auctions. Don’t link your payment account the Amazon seller account.
  • If you are using any software for Amazon then uninstall it and again install it. Note to install in new directory second time.

This is just a basic guide, for full step by step instructions check out the Beat Amazon Suspension guide.

If you doing arts and crafts business then there are other places on internet also from where you can start your sale. Some other websites in which you can do your business are below:

For example on you can create free account and do sale your arts and crafts. On this site most of users share creative pictures.

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