Never Try to Go Up Against the Gods of eBay

Mike’s story is a tragic one. Mike was a power seller on eBay and a veteran member who had pulled in some serious cash over the years.

Unfortunately, fate dealt Mike a bad card, when he fell from the stairs and dislocated his hip and fractured his shoulder.

His eBay business was the least of his problems as he got used to being a liability to his wife and 2 kids. It was a slow and painful road to recovery for Mike. However, he kept his head up and hoped for the day where he would return back to the old days of being independent and responsible for his family.

That day eventually came and Mike got back in the thick of things, including trying to revive his eBay business that had been dormant for some months. Mike had braced himself and expected a few negative ratings from unsatisfied customers but nothing more. He was shocked to see that his account had been suspended.

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Mike made the fatal mistake of not thinking too much of his suspension and went ahead to open another account with a different name, hoping he could quickly get back to his trading ways. Things looked to be running along smoothly, until….WHAM!  eBay struck once more!

Mike became pretty pissed and frustrated and tried registering once again under a new name. This time his account got stomped in less than 2 hours! Regrettably, things got much worse. He got a permanent ban from eBay. And since eBay and PayPal are owned by the same folks, he also lost all his earnings as well as his account was frozen.

Mike should have known better. Registering a new account with eBay is a serious flouting of their laid down rules. Trying to register once you have been suspended is a Cardinal sin. And not only that, he tried to pull a fast one by registering again a 3rd time and this was when the good people at eBay, pulled the plug on his lengthy relationship with the site.

The guys are eBay are no chumps. They have no-nonsense tools that can pinpoint you down to your name, address, network provider, bank account and even types of goods sold. There was a file prepared on him right from the very beginning. He tried to slip in silently albeit for good intentions but he might as well have being standing naked in front of the White House thinking he was invisible.

For a veteran seller, Mike should have known better than to go against the eBay membership database. It is brimming with too much information for one individual to outwit or handle. His suspension even filtered to his family members and friends as eBay made a clean sweep of everybody connected to him.

So much time, money, effort and reputation flushed down the drain. Mike should have just simply contacted eBay directly and asked for how to resolve his outstanding issues. It might have taken several weeks for them to respond, but he had a better chance of saving his accounts and not losing his money if he had taken that route.

The moral of the story is never try to go up against the gods of eBay.