My Amazon Experience

A lot of friends who know what I went through with Amazon after they suspended my account ask me do you hate Amazon?

The question is not easy to answer; yes I hate Amazon but not the entire organization. I believe the department suspending seller accounts are staffed by not the smartest people on this planet. They are very arrogant, how can you tell somebody “Please don’t contact us again…”, maybe that’s the template customer service reps like to use, if they I cannot find  any prewritten email that would actually reply the question of the banned Amazon seller.

I used to sell for many years on Amazon, until I got banned I never realized how thin the ice was I built my business on.  It’s a nightmare as they are no fair appeal procedures available, to defend yourself against false allegations.

If you appeal an account suspension, your chances are almost zero you will get reinstated. They department dealing with suspended Amazon sellers is run like an evil dictatorship. Once you ‘guilty’ you lose all your basic rights to defend yourself. There is not a think such as justice for banned sellers.

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Another major issue that accounts get banned based on some algorithm, just imagine you get lose your “privilege” selling on Amazon just for accessing your account from a friends computer who had his account blocked before.

They will explain to you your account is linked to a banned Amazon account; therefore we had to disable your account as well. If they try to explain that this account is not connected to at all, they will just ignore you.

After I lost my business I had built on Amazon, I came across more and more people who experienced similar horror stories. Amazon is undoubtedly great place to shop. Even for sellers it’s a good place to do business as long as their account has not been disabled.

Amazon is just a lot better organized than eBay. On Amazon, you have 1 product and different sellers competing on the lowest price for that item. On eBay you have 100’s of listings on the SAME product, for different prices. The issue with the eBay “system” is that sellers lose so much money, because they have to pay for every unsold item fee. The cost for sellers on eBay is a lot higher than on Amazon. Higher cost for sellers pushes up the prices shopper pay at the end.

On Amazon, sellers only have to pay a fee if they actually make money. Lower costs for sellers mean low prices for shoppers eBay is just chaos, it can be so hard to find anything. It is also difficult to compare different products. I personally think eBay sucks. Even the user interface of eBay is very confusing.

Amazon in comparison knows how to “organize” and present data in way consumers can find what they are looking for.