My Amazon Experience

Amazon is the leading e-commerce company that allows sellers to sell or buy products online. It started in 1994, and became popular within a year.


People from around the globe, sell their products by making an account. These products can be anything legal, and Amazon earns the commission as a third party agent. It is pleasing to a lot of individuals; however, it is a nightmare for me. I think they are plain swindlers due to the fact that they suspend accounts without providing a valid reason or without even giving the notice before disabling the account. This cruel act makes life lethargic of many people like me who work hard to achieve their goals. I am just an ordinary guy who was selling imported arts and craft goods from Asia on Amazon.

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What I Thought

At first, I thought Amazon is a very beneficial website as I was able to retrench the need of a conventional shop and added taxes. Also, it was great to reach more people or potential customers without doing any additional efforts. I was right as I made a good amount of money from Amazon by selling imported items. I gained popularity due to great positive reviews and I was sure that one day I’ll become a top rater seller. However, my efforts went in vain as they suspended my account out of the blue. Shocking and terrifying to know that you are no longer a part of this sphere and all your efforts are wasted. It is like once you start to extol someone and then you uproot him swiftly without any reasons. I thought, I will be able to make a decent living selling on Amazon, but I was wrong.

Freebie Seekers

Anyone who knows the framework of Amazon can swindle easily. For instance, a customer submitted a report to Amazon that we had shipped an empty box instead of shipping precious gift item. And what Amazon did next? Can you imagine? They without even listening to us provided the refund to seller (so called money back guarantee), which means he got away with a freebie. Of course, Amazon deducted that amount from our pocket. However, this is just a very small instance, we experienced a lot of awful situations.

What I Lost?

No, it is not just about reputation. I lost everything. I was not running an account, but a business which incorporated 10-12 people who stock/restock, and list products. I was running an online business which was solely dependent on Amazon. We had a team of sticklers for dispatching products, handling queries, and providing the best service. Due to the suspension of my Amazon account, I lost my business and my team lost their job.

What If?

Just Imagine a disabled person is selling products on Amazon and making himself “differently-able from disabled” because he or she cannot tout physically. What he or she will do if his/her account will get suspended? Obviously, he/she will not only lose his/her business, but also his/her hard work of many years. Do you think Amazon is for sellers? If yes, then think again!!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Amazon is not fair to sellers. Their fee structure is complicated as they cut into your profits, their policies are less flexible, and the build in prejudices is awful.


3 thoughts on “My Amazon Experience

  1. I just tried to order a christmas present and paid extra to have it here on time but instead it took just as long without extra shipping. Yea refund my 20 bucks but why lie and say it will be here. That is the only thing i got my daughter for christmas f*** you why make me think it will be here if it actually wont.

  2. Amazon suspended my account, how old is your resource? I don’t want to risk anything if Amazon is using updated technology where you did not address in your book during the time you wrote it.

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