Most Common Reasons Why Amazon Bans Sellers

In order to protect its members, Amazon has imposed limits that require sellers to adhere to certain policies, or else risk being suspended or banned from the site for good.


These policies prohibit sellers from acting in an unlawful and deceitful manner, while providing a more comfortable and reliable experience for buyers. These are some of the most common reasons why sellers are banned from Amazon’s community.

  1. Negative feedback

Poor customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons that sellers are banned from the site. Too much negative feedback can result in suspension and an eventual ban if the seller continues to have a poor performance rate. Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR), which are feedback ratings left anonymously by buyers, can significantly influence search results and evaluate the seller’s performance. If a seller’s performance drops below a certain level, they are then banned.

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  1. Non-Performing Selling

Sellers that do not perform to customer satisfaction through violation of Amazon’s policies can also be banned. This includes the misrepresentation of an item by not meeting the terms and description in the listing and the seller’s inability to deliver an item for which they have received payment. Any misrepresentation of an item or manipulation of any part of the listing for the purpose of influencing a buyer is prohibited.


  1. Selling of Counterfeit Goods

Amazon enforces stringent rules against the selling of fake goods to buyers. Swindlers will often sell fake brand items and pass them off as authentic, hoping to lure in and capitalize off of unsuspecting customers. Any item that is deemed suspicious or counterfeit is actively removed from the site, and the seller is consequently banned. Buyers can also report sellers if they receive a counterfeit good, prompting Amazon to take action in investigating the matter.

  1. Soliciting Off-Sale Sites

Another common reason that sellers are banned is for the solicitation of sales outside of Amazon. It is strictly against Amazon’s policies to use the contact information obtained from Amazon to evade fees by completing sales outside of Amazon’s services. Breaking this violation is a surefire way to get banned from the site altogether.

  1. Selling of Prohibited Items

Lastly, the selling of Amazon’s listed prohibited items is more than enough grounds for suspension and banning. Amazon’s policies are based on country and state laws, and any item being sold that is illegal or imposes on federal or state regulations violates the policies that Amazon has put into place. Any seller caught selling any of these prohibited or restricted items will be banned, and the item removed from the site.

By implementing a strict set of policies regarding selling items, Amazon aims to provide its users with a safe and comfortable way to browse and purchase items.

These efforts help prevent users from being scammed or misled, and enhance the market services that Amazon promises its members.


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