How To Appeal Your Amazon Seller Suspension Successfully

If you selling on Amazon, you will admit that there is nothing more stressful than receiving a performance notification informing you that your seller privileges have been removed. When that happens, you are left wondering what could have led to the suspension.

Regardless of the reasons, Amazon always gives you a chance to redeem yourself and get your business back. The Amazon performance team actually encourages you to appeal the suspension.

However, writing a suspension appeal does not guarantee that your account will be reinstated. You need to know a few things before you start writing your appeals letter and plan of action, failure to do your appeal properly will only keep your Amazon account suspended for longer or even indefinitely.

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Follow the below steps to successfully appeal your Amazon account suspension:

Steps 1
Identify the possible reasons for the suspension. Reasons that lead to seller’s account suspension include violation of the Amazon seller’s policies, selling and displaying prohibited items, and having a poor performance on various performance metrics.

Step 2
Writing the appeals letter and plan of action. Once you have identified the possible reasons for your suspension, you should write the appeal indicating a clear understanding of the reasons that led to the suspension.

This should be followed by an acknowledgment that you clearly understand the damage done to the customers shopping experience and how it has a negative effect on Amazon’s business. In the appeal, you must agree to follow all the seller’s policies and show an understanding that these policies are set to protect both the customers and the sellers.

Based on your findings into the reasons for the suspension, you should outline a detailed Plan of Action, please note that most of the Amazon suspended appeals do not include a thorough Plan of Action.

Your appeal will likely be successful if your Plan of Action considers:

a) The reasons for customer complaints
b) How you plan to respond to the complaints and provide long-lasting solutions.
c) The strategies you will put in place to ensure policy violations and complaints will not reoccur.

The Plan of Action of most Amazon suspended appeals fails to observe a writing style that gets directly to the point and that presents factual information. On the contrary, Amazon suspended appeals will have a Plan of Action that is written in a confrontational and emotional style.

When writing a Plan of Action, consider the following guidelines;
1) Remain professional- Do not blame your suspension on Amazon’s policies or customers. You should also avoid using abusive language and concentrate on how to make things right.
2) Be direct to the point and avoid complicated explanations.
3) Avoid giving irrelevant details in your explanation.
4) Make sure you address all violations that led to the suspension.
5) Involve the customers and aim at explaining how you intend to improve their shopping experience and trust.

The customer remains to be the most important player in any business. It is likely that Amazon seller suspension appeals do not involve the customer satisfaction in their Plan of Action.

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