How Amazon Destroyed My Car Part & Accessory Business

I always loved cars, I started trading car parts when I was still in College. I finished university 2004 and at the same time I started to import car parts from China, Brazil and Europe and sold it on Amazon in the US.


My car part business started pretty small, in the beginning I did not sell a lot. I even actually lost money. At one point I ran out of money because I had to much money tied up in car parts. I could not even pay the postage to send out my Amazon orders.

I was lucky as my family stepped in and believed in me and my business. My Amazon business turned profitable a couple of months later which was a big relief to my family and me. They never stopped believing in my skills running a business and making money online with Amazon.

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Over the years my business grew about 40-50% a year. It was such an exciting times selling on Amazon. I always added new car parts and tested what would sell and what did not. By always focusing on the most profitable product lines I managed to turnover in excess of 1.4 million dollars a month in less than 3 years I started selling on Amazon.

My family and friends were really proud of me. My parents are hard working people, but they always wanted I start my own business. They always explained to me that working for other people means you also making money for other people not for yourself.

So I was really happy I found that business opportunity selling car parts on Amazon. Beginning of 2014 we had our 10 year anniversary selling on Amazon.

We though a really big party celebrating our achievement. Only five months later out of the blue our worst night turned real.

We got an noticed that Amazon had suspended our account. Our company went from selling 1.4 million dollars worth of goods a month to zero within hours.

Our inventory on Amazon is in excess of 12000 different car parts. The business we were running over 10 years on Amazon disappeared over night without any warning.


Our first thought was that this Amazon suspension might just have been a big mistake from Amazon. So we did what every normal person would do, call Amazon to see what went wrong.

When I was on the phone with Customer Rep dealing with high volume Amazon sellers I almost got a nervous brake down. He explained that our account was in violation with several different Amazon seller terms and conditions and our Amazon account had been suspended indefinitely.

I ask that guy which of the terms and conditions we had been in violation with, the reply I got made me even more angry. He just explained that Amazon has the policy in place not to reveal any detailed information why an account has been suspended.

I feel really angry and upset how Amazon has been treating me. I think everybody who get his Amazon account suspended has a right to know for what reason.


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