How Amazon Destroyed My Business

The world’s market is there for everybody to take advantage of. Thanks to the technological advancements we have today, we can now buy and sell goods online through various channels.


For me, I prefer selling for it is the only sure way of getting money. I chose Amazon as my selling agent due to the many benefits one can get from the online company.

I had particularly chosen to sell Asian franchises. This was due to the international market it had and the relatively high prices charged on the items compared to their production costs. Some of my items included; Antique Victorian Brass Urn (handmade), Hand Carved Oriental Wooden Pagoda and Hand painted Japanese Imari Porcelain Vase among many others.

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I had worked my way up in Amazon and I was among the top rated sellers. Just so that you know, a top rated seller has many financial benefits over other sellers. Some of the financial benefits include:

  • 20% discount on selling fees. Though it applies to products price only, I used to really enjoy the benefit.
  • I also got improved search standing that saw many clients get view of my products and eventually ordering.
  • As a top rated seller, I also had brand credibility that saw people trust my products despite there being cheaper products of the same quality sold by other sellers.

These are some of the benefits I got from my Amazon account. I am sad to announce that these benefits are no more there. Reason being; I got a suspended from selling on Amazon.


What are the Effects of the selling ban?

While creating an account on Amazon is just a pretty easy, getting to the level that I was enjoying is not an easy thing. It takes dedication and hard work to get to the top rated seller level. Here below are some of the effects of my Suspension.

Loss of Income
While many people are going to work every day to earn their money, I used to depend on Amazon to earn my income. After the suspension, I got my main source of income cut. This made my life horrible.
Loss of Morale
The morale to build a new account was no longer there. This is because it had taken quite some time to build my network. Some of the factors that demoralized me include the following;

  •  I could not get my footing back
  •  All my clients were gone
  •  Competing with other top rated sellers is hard. I have to introduce crazy offers that would not give me the profit margins I used to enjoy.

That is my sad experience following a sudden suspension from Amazon.


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