How Amazon Destroyed My 30K/Month Drop Shipping Business

Learn how I still managed to get back selling on Amazon with 100% legal methods even my seller account had been suspended indefinitely.

I registered my Amazon seller account around 10 years ago, usually, I would find cheap items in outlet malls or a local Walmart and sell it on with a healthy profit on Amazon.

At that time it was only was a side business and it didn’t make enough money for me to quit my job and only focus on Amazon.

Years ago I came across an interesting business model, drop shipping with Aliexpress. For those who don’t know, it’s the largest Chinese e-commerce website that delivers items to the US and EU virtually free.

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Aliexpress compared to Amazon is extremely cheap, you can find cell phone covers which sells for $10 or $15 USD on Amazon for under a dollar including worldwide free delivery. However there is a catch, some items sold on Aliexpress are fake or inauthentic if you resell it with your own Amazon account you are running the risk of getting your account suspended.

Most sellers who use Aliexpress as their drop shipping source never actually get to see the items sent out.

I ordered goods from Aliexpress for my Amazon buyers in good faith that they are all authentic. I sold thousands of goods every week until one buyer complained to Amazon that my items are inauthentic. It turned out that one inauthentic complaint on Amazon can get your account suspended indefinitely.

I was under a lot of shock and I also felt very angry that Amazon did not give me any warning before they shut down my seller account. At this time I was making 30K/ Month, this business was the center of my life. That’s why I felt really destroyed when Amazon banned me from selling for life.

I got in contact with my Chinese suppliers and asked them to provide me with some invoices I could use to appeal my Amazon account suspension.

I forwarded all those invoices to Amazon, after couple of days Amazon told me that those invoices did not meet their requirements. Amazon does not seem to trust invoices issued by Chinese suppliers in general.

At this point I knew I would do everything to get back selling on Amazon, I’m not somebody who is giving up easy. If I want something I’m fighting for it until I achieved my goal.

I tried to open a new Amazon seller account several times without much success, it never took more than one week until the account got banned or suspended again.

I started to do some research online and I came across some companies offering reinstatement services for $500-$800. Which turned out to be a scam after doing more in-depth research. I found many complaints from people who purchased those appeal packages. In most cases, their account never got reinstated in some cases the appeals company just disappeared.

I also came across an e-book called Beat Amazon Suspension, they have different packages starting from $17, I followed the instructions and to guide on how to open your account, I was back selling within a couple of days.

I also have now a backup account, where I also built up some positive feedback so in case I should ever get in trouble with Amazon again I can continue selling without having my business put on hold again.

If Amazon has suspended your account please leave a comment below and share your experience with us.


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