How Amazon Changed My Entire Life

There is no doubt that Amazon has changed a lot of people’s life, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. For me my life turned into a living hell when Amazon suspended my seller account. 


I personally have seen changes in my life, for which I was not ready. I am born and brought up in China and always struggled to do something successful in life. That time so many of my friends made a lot of money on Amazon, so I decided to give it a try as well. I started selling OEM products like mobile and it’s accessories on Amazon in whole sale rate. I used to run ad campaigns with AdWords related to my products, to increase sales of my goods.

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My strategy turned to work out really well,  Initially the profit was not that big, but later on within a couple of months my profit increased drastically.  I lost focus I was concentrating on making this business grow instate of making it safe and stable. One of my biggest mistakes was that I  and never felt the need to set up a backup Amazon account, to be prepared in case  Amazon should decide to suspended my account. I never thought once that Amazon could shut down my business overnight without any warning.

For almost seven years I was making a huge profits  selling on the Amazon marketplace and I gained a lot of very loyal customers. I started categorizing all the products, so that my clients can easily  search for their favorite goods and order it with ease. Less than one year, everything was working fine for me and I was happy with the profit I was making. But, suddenly Amazon started to implement some new policies and rules for the sellers as well as for the buyers. Because of which a lot of sellers were banned from the site and I was one of them.

Those new policies affect me very badly and changed my life forever. It was a complete shock for me and I didn’t know what to do, as I had only one Amazon account to sell my goods.

My dream of creating a successful business was shattered, Amazon never gave me a proper explanation. I still wonder how I can overcome my ban selling on Amazon for life. 


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