How Amazon Banned My Havaianas Business

I am Matthew. An importer of Havaianas flips flops from Brazil. I bought those beach sandals for men, women and children of different sizes, then sold those goods on on Amazon. I have been making a reasonable amount of profit.


Through this business, I have been able to provide for my family, pay my bills, go on vacations and live a fulfilling life.I have spent few years importing and reselling on Amazon successfully. I helped thousands of buyers to get their goods considerable cheaper than they would pay in any brick and mortar store.

The life commencement of Havaianas is the accepted model for men, ladies and youngsters, with a white top and straps and soles in five separate shades. Accessible all over Brazil, from hypermarkets to small shops the street

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Buying and selling of Havaianas flip flop from Brazil offers me a great business opportunity. After purchasing the products directly from the manufacturer at a cheaper cost from Brazil, then performed a value addition process whereby the product is made ready for the retail market to be sold at the recent market price. The disparity between the purchase cost and market cost is my own profit.

Selling of Havaianas flip flops requires a big investment to be economically feasible. For one, you need to order merchandise and store it, as opposed to drop shipping, in which a reseller has products shipped to customers directly from the manufacturer.

I was doing really great with my business not until the day my Amazon account which has been my only source of income and means of survival got banned and took an unexpected turn, which restricted me from accessing my business with all the customers relationship I had built. As a result of this, I went bankrupt, fell into debt, and fell sick as a result of too much thinking. I almost lost my family in the process. In fact, my life turned into a nightmare.

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