How Amazon Account Suspension Crashed My Sales

I have been selling online for many years. But, recently, my Amazon account was suspended.


As a result, all my sales were nearly wiped out. After that incident, you might be asking yourself some pressing questions such as: whether I have resumed the business or if I did WFT.

Even though I encountered the problem, I still do my sales in Amazon with a good standing. However, I had to delete my listings. This means that I was forced to drop a lot of the flying products. In fact, I am not back to my old numbers but fortunately closing in faster.

Secondly, I would like to address that I really have no idea or clue as to why my account was suspended up to this day. Nevertheless, there is no black hat or foul play (shady statistics /illegal online marketing world) used for getting the product listing moving.

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Out of my online business experience, I have realized that you will get burnt if you play with fire. For this reason, I had known that selling in Amazon is (and also was) too much of playing around with Ban Hammer. This made me to keep everything to be hundred-percent legit.


In addition to that, nearest competitors has a couple of poor descriptions and stock images if you optimize the listings in a viable niche as well as selling a quality product. Hence, your products will eventually be the topmost with the absence of gaming.

In Google you might get ignored or case slapped down in rankings. On the other hand, Amazon will completely boot you. Hence, everything which is tied to your social security will not be accessible. Moreover, it will flip the close sign window, slam the door and you will walk home forever.

After giving you a highlight of the above information, I know that you might get worried about the meaning of legit, what is considered as black hat and even grey hair.

After talking about that, let’s look at the main story about the email’s gut wrenching the Amazon suspension:

It was around noon on Monday when I had to re-read an email off my phone five times to ascertain if it was real. I know I was a biding by the rules. Thus, how could this happen? Every product which I had was completely and privately labeled according to: website, logos, packaging and Amazon brand registration. Therefore, no authenticity, counterfeit and any other condition would bite me.

The product was totally white-hat outside. I.e. there were no: fake sales, illuminati pyramid scheme reviews and fake reviews. I was sitting comfortably at night with confidence that I was building a real business and real brand. But surely, the message was in my inbox:

“We are writing to you to inform you that we have cancelled your listings, remove your selling privileges, and funds from sales have been placed on hold temporarily. Any selling account which you will open will be closed. This action has been taken on account that you have continued listing the items violating our policies and, or the condition guidelines concerning the authenticity of the product. “


Basing on my quick back history as a result of low life, unethical and stupid competitors, there has been instances where my products were suspended due authenticity allegations or false counterfeit. All that challenges was straightened without any trouble after proving that I was the only retailer, distributor and manufacturer of my products.

But, this was a different beast since I have never had my total account suspended. Just imagine how I spend the rest of the day when I received that email. I was confused, sad, destroyed, extremely worried and angered. Worse still, I was an expectant father in a few months. This made me to think about situation in which my cash flow will be when the baby will be born. Will I get my money back?

Results of Amazon account suspension

The firm will hold deposits made for the last period of 90 days. This will mess up your future inventory schedule or cash flow. Hence, it cancels out your self-made, precious listings. In addition, there is a restriction of most of the things on the seller central.

Appealing the suspension, the seller performance is the only hope! The email states that it is either related to misinformation on authenticable issues or misinformation. As I have done it before, I was optimistic that it might be false accusations or misunderstandings on the listings.


The most painful fight with seller performance

Am still dumbfounded as I write about how I encountered this problem. It is important to note that nothing will happen if you are waiting for some magic. Nonetheless, you can follow my footsteps regarding how I played my cards and you will be able to deal with the same situation in case you find yourself in the same position.

Basic facts to know about the seller performance

Seller performance can only be contacted through the email. Consequently, the information which you send can take time (three-five business days) before receiving feedback. In some cases, it might take even one month. This made me realize that they neither empathize on your sugar coated nor sob story.

Observations and a few guesses about seller performance

Depending on who is in the shift, different person will get accessed to the information which you have written. Thus, you will receive guidelines at some point and completely different text another time. Therefore, different people are assigned to your case. A rogue seal team comprising of six departments are available. These are professionals who will assist you when you have seller performance problems. In this branch, there are no checks and balances.

The information highlighted will give you a hint that you might also encounter some challenges concerning the seller performance at When you are aware that there might be some issues, you will definitely not get bothered after encountering the same setback. Instead, you will look for ways and means of tackling the same. For clarification, email [email protected] The concern person will be able to attend to you promptly.


4 thoughts on “How Amazon Account Suspension Crashed My Sales

  1. I am sure that Amazon is good to those who have a good plan, but I am going to be honest, from my own experience I was ill-treated. I mean, one of my competitors literally filed a claim against my account. I t also seems that I am always responsible or at fault no matter what the buyer does, and the buyer can be your competitor for all I know.

  2. I had my Amazon selling privileges removed despite the fact that I had an amazing feedback score. I was always within the Amazon guideline, but what I don’t understand is why they suspended my account. In my case the person leaving negative reviews and reporting my account to Amazon is in many cases a competitor trying to just shut your business.

  3. I find it hard to get attention on Amazon as a seller. The return policy, the shipment, refund policy; all seems to side with the buyer.

  4. Maybe, I had a bad experience myself, but I had didn’t get ANY notice before my Amazon seller account was suspended. I lost a lot of money because Amazon banned me from selling on their site for life.

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