Did Amazon Ever Suspend A Family Member Of Yours? Your Seller or Buyer Account Might Be At Risk

I am starting to doubt Amazon’s reputation when dealing with sellers. It is so biased when it comes to suspending seller or buyers’ account.


Why does Amazon suspends sellers and buyers in many cases without stating a reason?

I am most annoyed by the unprofessional relationship that Amazon practices. The customers as well sellers should be priority number one in any company. We are the one that keeps Amazon going on, in any case, why would you contaminate the only fountain that gives you drinking water. Unknowingly, that is a business suicide they are committing. Without offering good customer service all other sales service are insignificant.

Everything was going well  until I decided to expand my business and to become an Amazon seller. It was a longtime strategy I have been planning with well-calculated moves. I even arranged a meeting with new suppliers across China. I raised a considerable starting capital which could help to have enough money to invest in inventory.

Did Amazon suspend your account?
Amazon insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account reinstated - and how you can easily and safely open a new Amazon account.

Since it was my first time to own a sellers account in Amazon, I was overwhelmed with anxiety the day I would start working with the leading online retailer ‘Amazon’. All of sudden, some idea clicked in my mind about a friend of mine who had previously had his Amazon seller account suspended . Since the man lived overseas he had no address; he had requested for my address to open for his selling account. It was not long enough until his Amazon account was suspended because he was late shipping out goods to customers.

On hearing his case, my mind was in darkness. How would that be possible? Why could they do that yet he was not a scammer? It was my only lifetime time project for survival. I had seen hopes there, but now they were shattered. I was perplexed by the fact that I would likely be the next victim. I had a strong feeling that I was going to lose my job for someone else.

I could not stop thinking about my friend who got banned from selling on Amazon. I decided to make an extensive online research about the issue. You won’t believe what I found! There are thousands of Amazon sellers who had their account suspended.

Even though I was depressed from wastage of time and money I had spent on building my Amazon business, I was now aware that I had to be really careful. I decided to figure out new alternative plans for survival. Since I was the breadwinner, I had to move first and create some backup plan in case something should go wrong with my Amazon business.

I was imagining; if Amazon banned my account, what about those who completely relied on this job as their source of income. How are they feeling? How can they recover their money back and support themselves as well their families?


Why carry someone’s cross if he or she broke the rules. Amazon has created a situation where you can get punished because of someone’s’ mistake.

Let me be clear, sharing same computers of the same IP address, or using the same internet with the criminal DOES NOT MAKES YOU A CRIMINAL. Am urging Amazon to stop being judgmental.
Whether you are a seller or a buyer, this situation should be taken seriously since it affects us either directly or indirectly. Please join me in spreading this message to Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO to review his laws well and with justification.

I will not settle down until justice prevails for all victims. Even if it means to spread the word on social media site, I will do it if it means is the only way for fairness to all. Nothing can stop me from spreading this message!

Please sign our petition, so Amazon gives suspended sellers and buyers a second chance:


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