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My Amazon Experience

I used to sell books on Amazon. I remember when business was booming. I made tons of cash and could not believe how easy it was.

I sold all kinds of books but mainly textbooks were the most profitable. Business got so good that I quit my day job and went into the book business full time. Amazon was my resource and it was how I provided for my family. After going into it full time there was not a month that I would make less than $4,000 and my garage? Well it was filled with books. I love reading, I love stories and I love learning so I read a lot of the fun books that came my way making it easier to sell them online through Amazon. Continue reading My Amazon Experience

Never Try to Go Up Against the Gods of eBay

Mike’s story is a tragic one. Mike was a power seller on eBay and a veteran member who had pulled in some serious cash over the years.

Unfortunately, fate dealt Mike a bad card, when he fell from the stairs and dislocated his hip and fractured his shoulder.

His eBay business was the least of his problems as he got used to being a liability to his wife and 2 kids. It was a slow and painful road to recovery for Mike. However, he kept his head up and hoped for the day where he would return back to the old days of being independent and responsible for his family. Continue reading Never Try to Go Up Against the Gods of eBay

My Amazon Experience

A lot of friends who know what I went through with Amazon after they suspended my account ask me do you hate Amazon?

The question is not easy to answer; yes I hate Amazon but not the entire organization. I believe the department suspending seller accounts are staffed by not the smartest people on this planet. They are very arrogant, how can you tell somebody “Please don’t contact us again…”, maybe that’s the template customer service reps like to use, if they I cannot find  any prewritten email that would actually reply the question of the banned Amazon seller. Continue reading My Amazon Experience

How My Suspended Amazon Account Ruined My Life

Out of all the Amazon users out there, I would have never imagined that one day I would be one to get my Amazon account suspended.

Up to today, I still the reason why my account got suspended was completely unjustified. As an individual who makes a living doing business on Amazon, the Amazon suspension of my account has literally destroyed my life.

The whole issue was ridiculous. One customer didn’t read the product description of one of the items he bought from me, and he expected more than what he received. Instead of messaging me his problem, he decided to file a complaint against me without letting me know at all. In response to the file complaint, Amazon requested me to submit copies of my personal identifications, like my driver’s license, to verify my identity, Continue reading How My Suspended Amazon Account Ruined My Life