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Suspended on Amazon – How To Appeal

While Amazon is a fantastic platform for both offline AND online sellers, they also possess very strict and unflinching guidelines that need to be followed.


Nevertheless, the opportunities that Amazon provides its retailers is something that all successful Amazon sellers understand well. Just like almost every other big name advertising service, Amazon does not cower from openly suspending and banning multiple accounts, usually from relying on many automatic triggers in their sellers’ content. Continue reading Suspended on Amazon – How To Appeal

How To Appeal Amazon Seller Ban

Amazon is a very well known website for buying and selling merchandise of all kinds.  Amazon is not as lenient with their rules as other websites when it comes to selling. 


A seller has to be careful in order to avoid having their selling privileges suspended.  There are obvious ways that an Amazon seller can prevent the likelihood of suspension but there are also ways to appeal a suspension should one occur. Continue reading How To Appeal Amazon Seller Ban