Amazon Suspension And Reasons Behind It

Selling or buying on Amazon requires an account and therefore all your personal information, including debit or credit card information and things alike.


It’s generally considered nice to have a long-time running Amazon account, especially if you’ve been using it actively and have a lot of feedback already. But all that can be gone in a matter of a couple weeks if your account gets suspended for any of the simple reasons Amazon has listed as offense to the system as a whole.

We’ve seen many incidents like that, resulting some times in suspension of long-time running accounts or really high in feedback sellers on the famous online selling website. The marketplace of Amazon can be a good place for scammers since despite most of the rules and cyber-laws Amazon has established for its marketplace, it still has its flaws and many people seek out to just destroy other people’s reputation just for the sake of making a couple extra bucks off a scam.

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A particular event we saw in the last couple months for example revolved around a long-time seller with more than 500 feedback on his account getting suspended. The unlucky seller got himself/herself (for the sake of anonymity we won’t reveal his/her name) involved in a bad transaction process with a scamming-buyer who after trying to get a refund from the seller demanded the refund to be done on obscure terms that just led from one thing to another until the seller couldn’t handle all the paperwork process and just made one simple mistake at some point, which cost him his account in the end.

Amazon does well in not being forgiving to anyone, since such a big marketplace has to be protected by various cyber-laws in order to protect all of the people using it, especially people that are new to it since the website gets thousands of new visitors daily. The sad part though still is that veteran sellers can get thrown over just like this in a blink of a moment, just because of a couple flaws in the system. Now don’t get it wrong, Amazon customer support has been nothing but amazing from what people have reported in the past few years, and the staff over at the company is constantly trying to perfect the terms and conditions of buying and selling on the website so that everyone is satisfied. That doesn’t mean though that scammers won’t find a way and just like the earlier mentioned situation, a person can go only go as far when it comes to things like paperwork that you don’t deal with in your daily life.

Some people even make selling stuff on Amazon their side-job. For those people, it becomes even a worse nightmare to have their account suspended and costs them a lot to lose an account that they have invested so much time in. It’s generally a recurring phenomenon but still shouldn’t scare away new buyers/sellers from the online buying/selling website.


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