Amazon Seller Nightmare

Amazon is recognized as the most popular eCommerce platform online. I have been working as a seller on Amazon for the past 3 years.

It was my main source of income and I was happy to engage in Amazon selling because of its convenience and flexibility. I always gave a prompt response to my customers and I used reliable and fast shipping services to ship my products.

Last month, I got an e-mail from the Amazon team. The email said that they suspended my selling account because they observed some unusual activities on my account. I was shocked to hear that because Amazon was my main source of income and I did not have any issues like this in the past.

Then I logged into my seller account, but Amazon already had all products removed. I sent an email to the customer support team regarding the Amazon Suspension. I thought everything was going well, as on the next day my account was restored.

But I was wrong 1 week later my Amazon account got suspended again. They have sent me an email explaining that this time I have abused the policies of their company. They wanted me to send some documents, but when I shipped the documents, they did not send me a reply. Then I followed all the processes to reinstate my Amazon Suspended account. They wanted me to wait for some days but they did not try to help me.

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After 4 weeks I received concerning my suspended Amazon account. That e-mail stated “due to the severe nature of the policy breaches on your account, your account cannot be considered for reinstatement.” I was so frustrated after reading this message because they did not even explain the exact policy that I broke. I thought that it would be easy for me to accept their decision than going to discuss more on the topic.

It was very clear to me that I could not use my old Amazon account again. I decided to create new account, within hours the account got banned again as they were able to link the new account with the old suspended Amazon account.

Changing the shipping address, credit card information did not work, they were always bale to track me down.

Never trust a company like Amazon, even they have a good reputation throughout the world, you are always at their mercy.