Amazon Buyer Account Banned Because Of Too Many Returns

Simmons had a total of eight returns in the past three months. She wasn’t impressed with the quality of the products she ordered which made her decide to return the items.


According to Simmons, Amazon has reached out to her before completely banning her from using the website. They told her that she was having an unusual number returns which they didn’t approve of.

A few weeks after this warning, her son decided to return a toy which he purchased using her account. The toy was far from the product description on the website and it even had a few missing parts. After this, Amazon decided to close her account.

Miranda Reeves is the former CEO of Nordstrom in Nebraska. She is well aware of Amazon’s strict policy regarding the number of returns allowed for each account.

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She explained that having frequent returns are very costly for Amazon and other similar websites. Since most of their products have free shipping and free returns, it can get very expensive over time.

A website called has reported that the cost of returns for E-commerce websites such as Amazon can reach up to $550 billion annually.

However, even though the company is trying to prevent returns, they’re very carefully not to upset their customers. Charles Baker has decided to share his Amazon UK experience in a local newspaper recently. He was very upset that Amazon UK has completely closed down his account without warning.


He has returned 42 items out of the 387 he purchased from the website. Baker explained that he had a valid reason for deciding to return those items which didn’t meet his expectations.

Amazon has publicly announced that they were only closing down accounts who have abused their policies to the extreme.

Miranda Reeves who is the former CEO of Nordstrom explained that although many returns are valid, there are also plenty of cases when customers abuse this policy.

According to Reeves, a good example of clear abuse is when people purchase a clothing item for a specific event and then decide to return it.

She said that she had experienced this situation first hand while working for Nordstrom. A customer would buy plenty of clothing items on their catalog and then decide to return all of it after a few days.

She had to ban the customer from purchasing anymore products from their store even though some of her staff thought it wouldn’t be good customer service. She wrote the letter herself which explained to the customer that since Nordstrom wasn’t able to satisfy her needs, she wouldn’t be allowed to make any future purchases.


On Rachel Simmons’ blog, she explained that most of her household items were bought from Amazon. It included both affordable and more expensive items. She learned that some of her readers also shared her frustrations with the website. Most of them were also banned for excessive returns while some had no clue why their accounts have been cancelled.

Simmons said that E-commerce websites such as Amazon experience much more returns compared to regular stores.

The main reason for this is because people are not given the opportunity to try on the clothing items before purchasing. According to Simmons, most items are often returned in bad shape which makes it harder for the company to resell them.


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