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How My Business On Amazon Got Banned And Left Me With Nothing

Having your own business has never been as easy as it sounds. Throughout my life I was focusing on trying to build a successful and profitable business online. 


The Amazon market place made it possible for my dreams to come true and to have my own online business. Continue reading How My Business On Amazon Got Banned And Left Me With Nothing

How Amazon Destroyed My Car Part & Accessory Business

I always loved cars, I started trading car parts when I was still in College. I finished university 2004 and at the same time I started to import car parts from China, Brazil and Europe and sold it on Amazon in the US.


My car part business started pretty small, in the beginning I did not sell a lot. I even actually lost money. At one point I ran out of money because I had to much money tied up in car parts. I could not even pay the postage to send out my Amazon orders. Continue reading How Amazon Destroyed My Car Part & Accessory Business

How Amazon Banned My Havaianas Business

I am Matthew. An importer of Havaianas flips flops from Brazil. I bought those beach sandals for men, women and children of different sizes, then sold those goods on on Amazon. I have been making a reasonable amount of profit.


Through this business, I have been able to provide for my family, pay my bills, go on vacations and live a fulfilling life.I have spent few years importing and reselling on Amazon successfully. I helped thousands of buyers to get their goods considerable cheaper than they would pay in any brick and mortar store. Continue reading How Amazon Banned My Havaianas Business

Amazon Nightmare

Let me tell you a story. It’s a story of a life that has been ruined; a life that seemed normal and even decent and dignified.

It all started when, one day, I realized that my Amazon account had been disabled or suspended.

I had no idea why. I hadn’t done anything wrong that may have lead to this. I started by trying to restore my account. At first, I asked one of my friends to contact the Amazon support team, to ask them what may have happened to my account. But the response was disappointing. In fact, not only were they not quick to respond, but the response was very brief and hasty, saying that they will investigate further, which they never seemed to do. Continue reading Amazon Nightmare