Amazon Account Suspended For Inauthentic Goods

I have been selling on Amazon over the last 12 years and I am proud to say that have built a very substantial business over the years.

Yesterday, when I receive an email from Amazon that my Amazon account has been suspended indefinitely, it felt like if someone had just punched me in the stomach.

Of all of those years I tried to build a very diversified Amazon online business, so if one product niche would experience slower sales it would not affect my overall financial stability.

Not even in my worst nightmares did I expect that Amazon would suspend my account overnight without any warning.

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We were active in several different product niches is on Amazon one of them were iPhone and computer accessories.

We sourced all our products from very trustworthy suppliers in China. We were importing OEM iPhone charging cables which were of the highest quality available. There was not any product we sold that had shown the Apple logo or any other brand name we were not authorized to use.

So it was a big surprise to us that Amazon suspended our account for inauthentic goods.

From all the items we were selling the only ones Amazon flagged as inauthentic where those iPhone cable chargers. We used to have an inventory exceeding 70,000 different item’s, those iPhone cables where one of them. So how on earth can Amazon suspend our entire operation for just one item they suspected to be inauthentic.

We used professional appeals company to help us appealing our ‘inauthentic item suspension’ case. There are some many companies who promise 100% success rate so I suspect that some of them are not as legit as they try to appear.

We had no success in getting our Amazon selling privileges reinstated. I feel that Amazon has treated us like dirt even we generated a lot of profit for Amazon over so many years.

After we had no success in getting our account reinstated I had the idea to use a new company to register a new Amazon Seller account. Even this company was in no way related to my former company Amazon still banned the account.

In my desperation, I started to open new Amazon seller accounts all of them got banned within seconds after opening them. The whole experience felt like a big lightning strike.

I really lost all hope that I will ever be able to sell on Amazon again. However, I did not give up entirely so I did some more research online on Amazon seller suspension cases in general and there seem to be different solutions available.

At the moment I did not try any of them at this point. I will start to review different methods on how to get think selling on Amazon and I will update this blog with the best method available.

I know that there are thousands of Amazon sellers who got their account suspended for all kinds of different reasons such as poor selling performance, inauthentic goods, related accounts or for intellectual property infringement.

Whatever you Amazon seller account suspension might be, please leave a comment below and show your story to us.


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