How to get back on Amazon?

We were successful selling on Amazon for more than 6 years. A few weeks ago, however, Amazon sent us an e-mail informing us that our Amazon account had been suspended.

The e-mail contained the details on why the account was banned. Of course, I was dumbstruck.

It was an honest mistake and negligence on my part, but the effects were truly disastrous for me and my family. One moment, I have a good source of income, the next moment, it was gone.

Make sure you really know the Terms and Condition of your seller account, as any violation might spell the end of your Amazon career without any warning.

My account got blacklisted, and I am not able to create a new one using the name, home address, and IP address that I have used on the suspended account. It’s a nightmare

I was under so much pressure I even had to take antidepressant drugs. Knowing I might not have enough money to take care of my family is the worst thing that can happen to a father. 

I tried to sell on other Amazon alternatives, but none came close to the money that I used make on Amazon.

Four weeks ago  I came across a book written by Peter Bergmann, ‘Beat Amazon Suspension’, at first I had my doubts if there would be a 100% legal way to open a new Amazon account without getting suspended again.

However, the step by step guide made it really easy for me to open a new Amazon account and get my life back on track.

I am glad to be back in business. I now have two Amazon accounts I use for selling. This makes my business a lot more stable and at the same time I get more exposure, which increased my sales substantially.

If you want to learn more about this guide just visit the ‘Beat Amazon Suspension‘ site.

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How Amazon Banned My Havaianas Business

I am Matthew. An importer of Havaianas flips flops from Brazil. I bought those beach sandals for men, women and children of different sizes, then sold those goods on on Amazon. I have been making a reasonable amount of profit.


Through this business, I have been able to provide for my family, pay my bills, go on vacations and live a fulfilling life.I have spent few years importing and reselling on Amazon successfully. I helped thousands of buyers to get their goods considerable cheaper than they would pay in any brick and mortar store.

The life commencement of Havaianas is the accepted model for men, ladies and youngsters, with a white top and straps and soles in five separate shades. Accessible all over Brazil, from hypermarkets to small shops the street

Buying and selling of Havaianas flip flop from Brazil offers me a great business opportunity. After purchasing the products directly from the manufacturer at a cheaper cost from Brazil, then performed a value addition process whereby the product is made ready for the retail market to be sold at the recent market price. The disparity between the purchase cost and market cost is my own profit.

Selling of Havaianas flip flops requires a big investment to be economically feasible. For one, you need to order merchandise and store it, as opposed to drop shipping, in which a reseller has products shipped to customers directly from the manufacturer.

I was doing really great with my business not until the day my Amazon account which has been my only source of income and means of survival got banned and took an unexpected turn, which restricted me from accessing my business with all the customers relationship I had built. As a result of this, I went bankrupt, fell into debt, and fell sick as a result of too much thinking. I almost lost my family in the process. In fact, my life turned into a nightmare.

My Amazon Experience

I used to sell books on Amazon. I remember when business was booming. I made tons of cash and could not believe how easy it was.

I sold all kinds of books but mainly textbooks were the most profitable. Business got so good that I quit my day job and went into the book business full time. Amazon was my resource and it was how I provided for my family. After going into it full time there was not a month that I would make less than $4,000 and my garage? Well it was filled with books. I love reading, I love stories and I love learning so I read a lot of the fun books that came my way making it easier to sell them online through Amazon.

My wife, Carole, would joke that I was a real life “book worm”! I lived up to that title and we were happy my wife, my daughter and I were able to survive this economy and do well. The success was great and it got me through rough patches in time. That is when for whatever silly, miscellaneous reasons my account was banned.

That is when things changed for the worse. At first it was not so bad, I still had left over funds and I continued to petition with Amazon to get my account back. I tried to sell a bit on Ebay but it did me no good. I was only pulling in $100 – $200 there. Nothing worked better than selling on Amazon. I had some savings and began using those, going around trying to find other ways to sell my books. Soon my garage was overfilled with incoming orders from prior to Amazon banning me and I had little to no income.

The savings was quickly running out and Carole and I were fighting every single day about financial issues. I guess she was used to a different lifestyle than what I could offer now. It only took six months before the savings ran out and when they did, that is when my life changed. I guess my wife was stressed. She filed for divorce and custody of our daughter. Now, I love my daughter and I was not about to give up my rights as a parent, so I hired a top notch lawyer.

The lawyer saved me from giving up parental rights but, I continued to have financial problems. My garage was filled with books and I had no money – boy did I resent Amazon for banning my account. So, I am a survivor. I went out and got a job at Kmart. It wasn’t the income I was used to but at least I could survive and see my daughter. I moved out of the house and the divorce proceeded.

My wife or soon to be ex-wife was delusional about how much I was worth. If only she took the time to observe the garage and see, I was worth thousands in useless books; that I could not sell. I do not know what to do with myself. Life is miserable, to tell the truth for once. I hardly really see my daughter and I am just scraping by. I lost everything that was important to me, except my daughter and that has got to be my saving grace. I got a studio apartment in a shady side of town, somewhere I would never bring my daughter. That was rock bottom. Heck in a way it still is. This is my life now, a simple Kmart store clerk who used to be the biggest bookworm you could have imagined. Today, I count my blessings.

I am thankful for my daughter, that I am a survivor and that I can ‘make lemonade out of lemons’ but, I must say it all has not been easy. I tell my story to you to tell you that no matter how difficult things may appear if you work hard to survive you can. It is never easy. Nothing worth it ever is but my daughter is the light of my life and she is the one thing I am thankful for. So this holiday season do not be sad about what once was, or could have been.

Think in the moment and in the now and thank your blessing for the guy who sleeps outside my apartment on the stone floor in the rain is a whole lot worse off than I am.

Never Try to Go Up Against the Gods of eBay

Mike’s story is a tragic one. Mike was a power seller on eBay and a veteran member who had pulled in some serious cash over the years.

Unfortunately, fate dealt Mike a bad card, when he fell from the stairs and dislocated his hip and fractured his shoulder.

His eBay business was the least of his problems as he got used to being a liability to his wife and 2 kids. It was a slow and painful road to recovery for Mike. However, he kept his head up and hoped for the day where he would return back to the old days of being independent and responsible for his family.

That day eventually came and Mike got back in the thick of things, including trying to revive his eBay business that had been dormant for some months. Mike had braced himself and expected a few negative ratings from unsatisfied customers but nothing more. He was shocked to see that his account had been suspended.

Mike made the fatal mistake of not thinking too much of his suspension and went ahead to open another account with a different name, hoping he could quickly get back to his trading ways. Things looked to be running along smoothly, until….WHAM!  eBay struck once more!

Mike became pretty pissed and frustrated and tried registering once again under a new name. This time his account got stomped in less than 2 hours! Regrettably, things got much worse. He got a permanent ban from eBay. And since eBay and PayPal are owned by the same folks, he also lost all his earnings as well as his account was frozen.

Mike should have known better. Registering a new account with eBay is a serious flouting of their laid down rules. Trying to register once you have been suspended is a Cardinal sin. And not only that, he tried to pull a fast one by registering again a 3rd time and this was when the good people at eBay, pulled the plug on his lengthy relationship with the site.

The guys are eBay are no chumps. They have no-nonsense tools that can pinpoint you down to your name, address, network provider, bank account and even types of goods sold. There was a file prepared on him right from the very beginning. He tried to slip in silently albeit for good intentions but he might as well have being standing naked in front of the White House thinking he was invisible.

For a veteran seller, Mike should have known better than to go against the eBay membership database. It is brimming with too much information for one individual to outwit or handle. His suspension even filtered to his family members and friends as eBay made a clean sweep of everybody connected to him.

So much time, money, effort and reputation flushed down the drain. Mike should have just simply contacted eBay directly and asked for how to resolve his outstanding issues. It might have taken several weeks for them to respond, but he had a better chance of saving his accounts and not losing his money if he had taken that route.

The moral of the story is never try to go up against the gods of eBay.

Amazon Nightmare

Let me tell you a story. It’s a story of a life that has been ruined; a life that seemed normal and even decent and dignified.

It all started when, one day, I realized that my Amazon account had been disabled or suspended.

I had no idea why. I hadn’t done anything wrong that may have lead to this. I started by trying to restore my account. At first, I asked one of my friends to contact the Amazon support team, to ask them what may have happened to my account. But the response was disappointing. In fact, not only were they not quick to respond, but the response was very brief and hasty, saying that they will investigate further, which they never seemed to do.

In the end I gave up thinking about the idea of getting my old account back. The decision was

very hard, because I had lost the fruits of my hard labor that took me a lot of time and effort to accumulate, let alone the financial damage as a result of losing that income stream.

My life was centered around my work, and I earned a good sum of money. I had an acceptable standard of living, but I still experienced moments of anger and frustration that everyone around me must have noticed. Why didn’t the support team help? Isn’t that their job? What they’re paid to do?

During the first days after losing my account, I didn’t suffer much because I had enough money saved up to maintain an average lifestyle, but I knew that it wouldn’t last forever. I had began

to save as much money as possible, eating out far less and creating tight budgets. But it was inevitable, and, it wasn’t long before I found myself really struggling financially.

The recession didn’t help, either. I was unable to get a job and I didn’t think going back to Amazon would really help, as I didn’t have anything to sell and, even if I did, people were now very hasty to buy from people without a good reputation. The support team continued to ignore my emails and messages.

I considered borrowing money as a remedy to my financial problems, in the hope of finding a solution as soon as I could. This new reality in which I had found myself in has changed many of my habits and behavior with friends and family. Even though I had budgeted as much as I could, I still couldn’t find the money to pay back what I had borrowed. My friends turned away from me.

I lost everything. But, although it seems hard to believe, there is an upside to this situation. Making money with Amazon is not stable or sustainable. It will only make you money as long as you have things to sell.

It doesn’t provide any benefits, like pensions or health care. I had ignored the future for so long, but with this change in my circumstances, I have been able to reevaluate my life. I have realized that I now need to plan for the future more than ever before. I need financial security and Amazon simply cannot offer that to me.

My Amazon Experience

A lot of friends who know what I went through with Amazon after they suspended my account ask me do you hate Amazon?

The question is not easy to answer; yes I hate Amazon but not the entire organization. I believe the department suspending seller accounts are staffed by not the smartest people on this planet. They are very arrogant, how can you tell somebody “Please don’t contact us again…”, maybe that’s the template customer service reps like to use, if they I cannot find  any prewritten email that would actually reply the question of the banned Amazon seller.

I used to sell for many years on Amazon, until I got banned I never realized how thin the ice was I built my business on.  It’s a nightmare as they are no fair appeal procedures available, to defend yourself against false allegations.

If you appeal an account suspension, your chances are almost zero you will get reinstated. They department dealing with suspended Amazon sellers is run like an evil dictatorship. Once you ‘guilty’ you lose all your basic rights to defend yourself. There is not a think such as justice for banned sellers.

Another major issue that accounts get banned based on some algorithm, just imagine you get lose your “privilege” selling on Amazon just for accessing your account from a friends computer who had his account blocked before.

They will explain to you your account is linked to a banned Amazon account; therefore we had to disable your account as well. If they try to explain that this account is not connected to at all, they will just ignore you.

After I lost my business I had built on Amazon, I came across more and more people who experienced similar horror stories. Amazon is undoubtedly great place to shop. Even for sellers it’s a good place to do business as long as their account has not been disabled.

Amazon is just a lot better organized than eBay. On Amazon, you have 1 product and different sellers competing on the lowest price for that item. On eBay you have 100’s of listings on the SAME product, for different prices. The issue with the eBay “system” is that sellers lose so much money, because they have to pay for every unsold item fee. The cost for sellers on eBay is a lot higher than on Amazon. Higher cost for sellers pushes up the prices shopper pay at the end.

On Amazon, sellers only have to pay a fee if they actually make money. Lower costs for sellers mean low prices for shoppers eBay is just chaos, it can be so hard to find anything. It is also difficult to compare different products. I personally think eBay sucks. Even the user interface of eBay is very confusing.

Amazon in comparison knows how to “organize” and present data in way consumers can find what they are looking for.


Amazon Seller Nightmare

Amazon is recognized as the most popular eCommerce platform online. I have been working as a seller on Amazon for the past 3 years.

It was my main source of income and I was happy to engage in Amazon selling because of its convenience and flexibility. I always gave a prompt response to my customers and I used reliable and fast shipping services to ship my products.

Last month, I got an e-mail from the Amazon team. The email said that they suspended my selling account because they observed some unusual activities on my account. I was shocked to hear that because Amazon was my main source of income and I did not have any issues like this in the past.

Then I logged into my seller account, but Amazon already had all products removed. I sent an email to the customer support team regarding the Amazon Suspension. I thought everything was going well, as on the next day my account was restored.

But I was wrong 1 week later my Amazon account got suspended again. They have sent me an email explaining that this time I have abused the policies of their company. They wanted me to send some documents, but when I shipped the documents, they did not send me a reply. Then I followed all the processes to reinstate my Amazon Suspended account. They wanted me to wait for some days but they did not try to help me.

After 4 weeks I received concerning my suspended Amazon account. That e-mail stated “due to the severe nature of the policy breaches on your account, your account cannot be considered for reinstatement.” I was so frustrated after reading this message because they did not even explain the exact policy that I broke. I thought that it would be easy for me to accept their decision than going to discuss more on the topic.

It was very clear to me that I could not use my old Amazon account again. I decided to create new account, within hours the account got banned again as they were able to link the new account with the old suspended Amazon account.

Changing the shipping address, credit card information did not work, they were always bale to track me down.

Never trust a company like Amazon, even they have a good reputation throughout the world, you are always at their mercy.

How My Suspended Amazon Account Ruined My Life

Out of all the Amazon users out there, I would have never imagined that one day I would be one to get my Amazon account suspended.

Up to today, I still the reason why my account got suspended was completely unjustified. As an individual who makes a living doing business on Amazon, the Amazon suspension of my account has literally destroyed my life.

The whole issue was ridiculous. One customer didn’t read the product description of one of the items he bought from me, and he expected more than what he received. Instead of messaging me his problem, he decided to file a complaint against me without letting me know at all. In response to the file complaint, Amazon requested me to submit copies of my personal identifications, like my driver’s license, to verify my identity, but there was no way I was going to give out my personal information over the web and put myself in jeopardy. Because I refused to release my personal info over the web, Amazon suspended my account.

Just like that, the Amazon suspension completely ruined me. Because I could not sell my products, my main source of income disappeared and now I have no idea what to do. Like every other person, I have bills to pay and a family to feed. Now, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do all that. The suspension of my Amazon account has put a tremendous amount of pressure on my life, and my head hurts every day just thinking of the problems that arose due to this Amazon suspension. I feel like I could explode from all the stress any second.

As if my income disappearing wasn’t enough, my reputation as a buyer and seller has been plummeting ever since the Amazon suspension. Since I don’t have a source of income, I can no longer pay for the items I have purchased from Amazon sellers, and now they are filing complaints against me and ripping away at the reputation that I had worked so hard to build and maintain over the years. I want to get rid of debt, I really do, but all the money I have left over right now must go towards to supporting my family.

It’s all a chain reaction. My life literally revolved around my business on Amazon, and now that has been taken away from me, I am clueless as how I’m supposed continue living. I tried contacting Amazon and explaining my dilemma to them, but they refuse to retract their request for my personal documents and to reinstate my account until they get what they want. Sure, they’re doing all this to protect customers from frauds and such, but can’t they see from my ninety-nine percent positive feedback that I am not a scam? I’ve even been awarded the title as one of Amazon’s top rated seller; yet, there was no hesitation in declaring the Amazon suspension of my account. This ordeal has simply been a total nightmare.

How To Get Back On Amazon?

Everything in my life was going really well until one morning when I found a brief e-mail in my mailbox from Amazon stating that my account has been restricted indefinitely, meaning that I had received an Amazon suspension for good. 

Well, this probably wouldn’t be a big problem if you’re just using Amazon to buy things but the thing with me is that I was an Amazon seller. And since things were going really well with my Amazon business then over the years I had made it my full time job and was really satisfied with it. I was earning more than I had ever earned working for a big corporation and I could manage my time much better. My wife was also pleased with my new way of life and income and we decided to have a second baby. But when my wife got pregnant then it turned out that we’re expecting twins. Back then of course it was a real joy. My family’s life seemed to be secured for life. We bought a new and bigger house with a bank loan, opened up college funds for all of our three children while me and my wife both were enjoying the stay-at-home lifestyle. We were also travelling whenever and wherever we wanted to.

If only I had known back then that Amazon suspension is something that could just happen overnight and without a warning. I don’t even know for sure what caused the ban. Of course after receiving the mail I contacted Amazon immediately but didn’t receive an answer from them until 2 weeks later when they said that I had received the Amazon suspension because my performance did not meet the standards required to sell on Amazon. Whatever that means I don’t know since I had been selling the same items for years already and never had had any problems. Actually shortly before they suspended me I had been able to double my sales. I’ve been thinking that perhaps that was the reason why my account was terminated, maybe my volume of sales became too high for just one seller. The other reason why I maybe got suspended from Amazon that I can think of are some bad reviews I received from some customers. The thing was that the item I sent got damaged while it was on the way to the buyer so it wasn’t exactly my fault but the buyer still went on and left the negative statement on my profile even though I offered her a refund and also a replacement of the goods.

So anyway, now my family has to deal with living without any persistent income, while we still have mortgage to pay on our house. Our savings will only help us for a short period and those savings also include our children’s college funds. If neither me or my wife can find a job in the near future then we’ll be doomed and finding a job after staying home for years is really hard.

So thanks to the Amazon suspension we are now really struggling financially and also our lifestyle is nothing like it used to be anymore.