How to get back on Amazon?

We were successful selling on Amazon for more than 6 years. A few weeks ago, however, Amazon sent us an e-mail informing us that our Amazon account had been suspended.

The e-mail contained the details on why the account was banned. Of course, I was dumbstruck.

It was an honest mistake and negligence on my part, but the effects were truly disastrous for me and my family. One moment, I have a good source of income, the next moment, it was gone.

Make sure you really know the Terms and Condition of your seller account, as any violation might spell the end of your Amazon career without any warning.

My account got blacklisted, and I am not able to create a new one using the name, home address, and IP address that I have used on the suspended account. It’s a nightmare

I was under so much pressure I even had to take antidepressant drugs. Knowing I might not have enough money to take care of my family is the worst thing that can happen to a father. 

I tried to sell on other Amazon alternatives, but none came close to the money that I used make on Amazon.

Four weeks ago  I came across a book written by Peter Bergmann, ‘Beat Amazon Suspension’, at first I had my doubts if there would be a 100% legal way to open a new Amazon account without getting suspended again.

However, the step by step guide made it really easy for me to open a new Amazon account and get my life back on track.

I am glad to be back in business. I now have two Amazon accounts I use for selling. This makes my business a lot more stable and at the same time I get more exposure, which increased my sales substantially.

If you want to learn more about this guide just visit the ‘Beat Amazon Suspension‘ site.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 67 ratings


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